The top five Bottom loading water coolers

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Bottom loading water cooler.

  1) The fifth product on our list is  the Brio – Essential Series.   Simplify your life with this bottom-load water  cooler. It has a stylish design that features a   stainless-steel accent, making it a perfect  and classy addition to your home, office,   or any public space. This water  dispenser adds some style to your space   while delivering clean and refreshingly  cold or soothing hot water on demand.   The Brio Bottom Loading Water Cooler has three  temperature settings hot, room temperature,   and cold that allow you to customize the  water temperature according to your need.   This unit dispenses the three water  temperatures from three different spouts.   Equipped with a child-safety lock operation on the  hot water faucet, you never have to worry about   hot water accidents. When not in use, you can  shut off the hot water feature. The easy bottom   loading feature of this unit eliminates lifting  and saves you from accidental flips and spills.   Simply place it in the lower  cabinet and connect it to the pump.   With its digital display, you will get notified  when it's time for a refill. This Brio water   cooler comes equipped with a rust-resistant  BPA-Free drip tray that is removable and easy   to clean. This product is UL listed AND approved  by Energy Star and NSF under ANSI 372.   Its pros are: - This cooler has a child safety lock   - It constructed using hard ABS plastic; and - It pours out hot and cold water instantly.   However, the cons are, - This cooler has no filtration;   and - It has a low bottle capacity.   This water dispenser is highly sought after  and is suitable for people who want a way to   have hot and cool water instantly  at home or in the office.   2) Up next in fourth place is the COSVALVE The COSVALVE water cooler dispenser design   complements all kitchen, living room, office,  or gym d├ęcor and functions effectively,   delivering reliable and consistent purified water.  With this unit, you can conveniently access hot   water for your beverages or room temperature and  crisp cold water for something more refreshing.   These three different water temperatures are  dispensed from three water different spouts.   So, you don't have to wait for a kettle  to heat up or for ice cubes to be made.   Enjoy some peace of mind with the child  safety lock feature on the hot water spout.   This water dispenser is suitable  for 2.5 to 5 gallons water bottles.   Since this is a bottom loading dispenser, it  eliminates the need to carry and lift a heavy   bottle. Hence there will be no accidental flips or  spills. Also, this unit features a water indicator   that alerts you when the bottle needs to be  replaced. Built with ABS food-grade plastic,   copper, aluminum and designed with a stainless  steel accent, the COSVALVE water dispenser   is fingerprint-resistant and easy to clean. Its  drip tray allows for a quick and easy clean-up.   This water machine is ETL and Energy Star approved  and comes with a one-year warranty guarantee.   Its pros are: - It uses a compression   refrigerator technology - Its steel body prevents   the machine from overheating; and - It has a removable and anti-dust   water barrel seat. However, the cons are,   - Its instruction manual is not clear; and - It does not have audio indicators.   This bottom cooler offers good value for its  price and is suitable for people who want to   avoid the hassle of constantly  refilling a water bottle. 3) The third product on our list is the Avalon. The Avalon bottom loading water cooler is   made with an innovative stainless steel  cabinet that houses 3 or 5-gallon bottles.   This stylish stainless steel cabinet makes this  water dispenser fit right into your home kitchen,   gym, or office. It offers a choice of 3 water  temperatures that are dispensed from three   different spouts. These settings allow for easy  customization according to your drinking needs.   The machine's highly efficient compressor  makes the cold water crisp and ice cold at   approximately 47 degrees Fahrenheit without  the need to add ice cubes to your drink. At   approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit, the hot  faucet is hot enough to make one's tea or coffee   or any other steaming hot beverage. Its  removable drip tray is easy to clean.   This unit has a built-in nightlight  that brightens the water spouts at night   and an empty bottle indicator that notifies  you when it's time to replace the bottle.   With this bottom loading water dispenser, the  strain of lifting and accidental spills is   eliminated. The child lock prevents accidental  access of hot water to avoid accidents.   The water cooler is UL listed and complies  with all standards of Energy Star.   Its pros are: - It has an empty bottle indicator that lets you   know when you need to change the water bottle. - It has a child-safe design; and   - It consumes little power and saves energy. However,   - You may experience a delay  in dispensing cold water.   This bottom cooler is suitable for all. It  provides you with an effortless hydration   experience by giving you clean drinking  water while saving on costs.   4) The second product on our  list is the Primo Deluxe.   The convenience derived from this Primo  Deluxe Bottom Loading Water Dispenser   alongside its sleek design makes it the ideal  equipment for your home, kitchen, gym, or office.   This bottom loading water cooler gives you quick  access to cool, ice-cold, or piping hot water   in an instant with push-button controls. With no  plumbing skill or special installation required,   load 3 or 5-gallon bottles in the cabinet and  start to enjoy your water almost immediately.   Once the bottle is loaded, the multi-step  reverse osmosis process ensures you'll be   drinking high-quality water. The drip tray of this  unit eliminates the mess caused by water drops.   Equipped with three spouts that dispense three  different water temperatures, the hot water spout   features a child-resistant safety feature for  worry-free use. The easy bottom loading design   eliminates lifting and flipping while loading  the water bottle. Bottles are concealed inside   the cabinet for a clean look. Also, its stainless  steel door panel and water reservoirs are durable,   and the removable stainless steel drip  tray is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.   This unit is UL Certified and Energy Star Rated.  It also comes with a one-year limited warranty.   Its pros are: - This dispenser is built from   high-quality stainless steel material - It has a child-lock; and   - It has tri-temperature water output. However, the cons are,   - It has no night light feature; and - It has no self-cleaning ozone function.   This water dispenser is designed for  all types of households and offices.   It is suitable for you if you need a dispenser  to dispense hot, chilled, and cool water.     5) Finally, our top Bottom loading water  cooler is the Brio - Limited Edition.   This unit isn't your typical bottom loading  water cooler. With a simple press of a button,   this dispenser has an ozone self-cleaning feature  that keeps it clean. It has a customizable feature   that gives you easy access to hot, room  temperature, and cold water at all times.   Also, it has a switch that gives you full  control over when to heat and cool water;   this is very useful for offices with differing  working hours. Designed with user-friendly   features for your convenience, these simple  switches provide you with power-saving options   right at your fingertips. Simply turn the  switches on or off for your convenience.   The nightlight option illuminates the dimmest  environment, so you never overfill or spill water   when dispensing. The rust-resistant BPA-free  drip tray is removable and easy to clean.   With this unit, you never have to  struggle to change bottles again.   The easy bottom loading feature saves you  from back strains and accidental spills.   At the same time, the light indicator  notifies you when it is time to refill.   Equipped with a two-step dispensing feature on  the hot water spout, you can rest assured of   your safety and that of your loved ones. The  attractive finish is made of stainless steel,   giving you an unmatched quality water dispenser. Its pros are:   - It has 3 Temperature settings - Its energy-efficient hot or cold   switches conserve energy when not in use; and - It has a self-cleaning ozone feature that   sanitizes and disinfects the dispenser to ensure  there is clean drinking water at all times.   However, the cons are, - It is not suitable for outdoor use; and   - It does not dispense water during  its 90 minutes of self-cleaning.   This responsive cooler is suitable for any  environment where people want a self-cleaning   dispenser that removes any build-up and  provides crystal clear drinking water   That's all for now.
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