The top five Monitor Privacy Filters

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top five Monitor Privacy Filters available

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So, here are the top five Best Monitor Privacy Filters. 1) The fifth product on our list is the Kensington FS220 Snap2. When using your personal computer in public, protecting your credentials and sensitive information on your monitor from wandering eyes can be quite challenging. That is why a privacy filter is necessary. The Kensington FS220 Snap2 is up for this tough job. It protects any information from your screen and filters out harmful blue light by 30%. Blue light has proven to interrupt sleep patterns and even cause retinal damage. This unit fits 20-inch to 22-inch widescreen monitors with squared corners and proportions of a 16:10 ratio. It has a hard-coated and textured surface that protects your monitor screen from scratches and fingerprints, too, while reducing glare and improving viewing contrast. It has an adjustable spring-loaded mount that secures it on top of your flat-panel monitor without tools or adhesives. This makes attaching and detaching easy. This thin privacy screen enables you to customize your monitor's field of vision to plus and minus 30 degrees, ensuring that the information on your screen stays private. Weighing only 1.8 pounds, this unit won't add extra weight to your device. Its frame-free construction also enables it to cling to your monitor without obstructing the controls or speakers. Its pros are: - It reduces blue light - It offers more angled privacy; and - It is easy to attach magnetically. However, the cons are, - It shows a huge gap when you close your laptop lid - It looks bulky over the screen. The Kensington FS220 Snap2 is a great monitor privacy filter with several sizes that can fit any device. It helps prevent eye strain by reducing your screen's blue light while keeping your information from any prying eyes. 2) Up next in fourth place is the Fellowes PrivaScreen monitor. The Fellowes PrivaScreen monitor privacy filter is one of the darker options in the market. It has a width of 20-1/16 inches and a height of 11-1/3 inches, making it suitable for various widescreen monitors with a diagonal screen measurement of 23 inches and a 16:9 ratio. This unit protects your screen from smudges and fingerprints while reducing glare to help prevent eye strain. It has a matte screen protector finish that gives a crystal-clear front view while blacking out the screen when viewed from a 30-degree side angle. This is to prevent prying eyes from reading your screen. You can install this privacy filter with its matte side facing outward if you want to lessen the glare. Unlike most filters, this model is compatible with touchscreen laptops and monitors. The new and improved adhesive side tabs make installing and removing this filter hassle-free. It also has double-Sided adhesive strips that extend to the edges of your monitor for a solid attachment. With this privacy filter, you won't have to minimize your windows or turn off your screen when people sit or stand by your computer. Also, you can use a clean cloth to wipe the surface. This product is 100% recyclable, TAA compliant, and comes with one Year Limited Warranty. Its pros are: - It is easy to attach and remove; - It fully blocks the screen at side angles even on the highest brightness; - It reduces bright light that strains the eyes; and - It has a one-year limited warranty. However, the cons are, - It has its brand name stamped on it, which gets in the way of reading through the screen; and - Its notches at the top are visible. The Fellowes PrivaScreen monitor privacy filter comes with blackout technology that helps prevent eye strain and screen glare. It is perfect for all device screen types. 3)The third product on our list is the VINTEZ. Your computer is private property. Every information it contains is supposed to remain private unless otherwise. Protect it with VINTEZ monitor privacy filter, which is ideal for public and high traffic areas. Suitable for 21.5-inch screens with 16:9 aspect ratios, it is compatible with various monitor brands, providing the best result possible. This filter restricts the screen's visibility to only the person in front of the monitor while appearing darker when viewed from any angle between 30 and 60 degrees. Also, it protects your eyes by filtering out 96 percent Ultraviolet rays and curbing blue light by 65 percent. As a reversible privacy screen filter, you get to adjust the glare to suit your needs by choosing between the matte and glossy screen surface. This is an anti-scratch and anti-glare monitor privacy filter. It has two distinct attachment options that allow you to choose between adhesive attachment strips and slide mount tabs. If you intend to use this filter in a dark room, make sure to increase your monitor's brightness to avoid stressing your eye muscles. Moreover, take an accurate measurement of your monitor screen before buying this filter. Finally, this product comes with extra installation kits and has a lifetime replacement guarantee. Its pros are: - It is anti-glare and anti-scratch; - It has a 60-degree viewing angle; - It is easy to attach and remove; and - It comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. However, its dimensions may not be accurate. Nevertheless, VINTEZ is ideal for online gamers and students. It efficiently prevents people from reading your monitor's contents while reducing eye strain. 4) The second product on our list is the 3M GF Series. The uniqueness of this filter lies in its screen color. One will think only dark filters can keep prying eyes off your computer screen, but this filter proves otherwise. The 3M GF Series monitor privacy filter helps protect the confidentiality of your information, surfing details, passwords, and others, while reducing the risk of any visual hacking or visual thefts. It has a golden glossy finish that is 20 percent clearer than the standard 3M black Privacy Filters. Not only does this filter give you your desired privacy, but it also reduces about 35 percent of the blue light emitted from your monitor screen. This 3M gold filter provides a beautiful high-contrast, high-resolution quality and fits a 19-inch monitor screen with a 16:10 ratio. It has a thin, lightweight, and frameless design and two attachment methods. The attachment strips are ideal for displays with edge-to-edge glass and are fixed directly onto the filter before attaching to the device screen. These strips can be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled. On the other hand, the side mount tabs are attached to the device bezel bordering your display, allowing you to slide the filter on and off the screen as you desire. To clean the privacy filter's surface, use a microfiber cloth or other soft fabric to avoid scratch or other damages. Its pros are: - It comes with a cutout tab at the top, making it easy to remove; - It has a 60-degree viewing angle; and - It provides a beautiful glossy look. However, the cons are, - It leaves fingerprints; and - It shows key marks when the lid is closed. Still, the 3M GF Series monitor privacy filter makes your monitor look a bit nicer by casting a vivid golden color that keeps wandering eyes away. 5) Finally, our top Monitor Privacy Filter is the SightPro. The SightPro privacy filter ensures that your information stays private as it should be. It is designed to be compatible with a variety of monitor brands with a 24-inch screen. You can use it on touchscreen monitors, too. However, additional pressure is required. Although it does not block visibility behind you, it offers a 60-degree full view. It also blacks out your screen from the sides while providing a clear view from the front. Hence, it is perfect in open workspaces and public areas. Apart from these advantages, this multilayered film filter also protects your eyes from harmful glare, UV, and blue light. Installing this filter is quick and easy, with any of the attachment options. Option 1 uses clear adhesive strips to attach the filter to your computer screen securely. On the other hand, Option 2 uses slide mount tabs that easily stick to your display frame, allowing you to slide the privacy screen filter on and off as desired. Note that the mount tabs are ideal only for computer screens with a raised bezel. This product is TAA and HIPAA compliant. The package includes one privacy screen filter, two sets of clear adhesive strips, two sets of slide mount tabs, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Its pros are: - It is easy to attach and remove; - It comes with two different styles of adhesive strips; and - It has a thick quality film. However, - It looks bulky on the screen. SightPro multilayered film filter is compatible with all computer screens. It offers you superior privacy with anti-glare that protects your eyes from blue light. That's all for now.

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