The top five Best Backgammon Sets

 Hey guys! So, here are the top five Best Backgammon Sets.

1) The fifth product on our list is the Yellow

Mountain Imports Dorne.The best backgammon set should provide style and substance to the gaming experience, and that is exactly what Yellow Mountain Imports
Dorne offers.

This backgammon set is beautiful inside and

It has levels of detail on the backgammon
wood inlay that speaks to a high level of


It will surely make playing the game enjoyable
regardless if you are playing for high stakes

or just for fun.

This 13-inch set folds in half.

You can find all the accessories stowed inside.

Everything is secured by hidden inset magnets
that are extremely strong.

So, storing and carrying it should not be
a problem.

The wooden playing pieces include two sets
of 15 checkers, 4 dice, a doubling cube, and

2 wooden dice cups.

Its wooden inlay finish is indeed a work of

So, this backgammon set can double as a decoration
in your living room or game room when you

are not playing with it.

Its pros are:
- It comes with a durable classic design;

- It is portable and lightweight;
- It is built with inset magnet closures for

extra security; and
- It provides a large playing area.

However, the cons are,
- Its wooden dice are delicate; and

- There are no replacement pieces, so be careful
not to lose anything.

Nevertheless, Yellow Mountain Imports Dorne
is a high-quality backgammon set that comes

with style.

It has everything you need inside secured
by its efficient inset magnets.

2) Up next in fourth place is the Smart Tactics

Teach your kids the joy of playing backgammon
with Smart Tactics Premium.

This backgammon set is an all-inclusive set
that comes with everything a backgammon player

could ever need.

It has a large foldable board with soft green,
red, and white felt interior.

Moreover, it comes with 30 game pieces, 4
six-sided dice, 2 hand-sewn dice cups, and

a doubling cube.

It also includes a well-written rules and
instructions manual.

This backgammon set is made from wood and
coated with a well-stitched supple PU leather


Additionally, it has convenient piece storage
trays for the game pieces to stay in place

while you carry the set around.

This handy suitcase-shaped travel pack comes
with press buttons and a handle, making it

easy to hold and travel with.

Aside from the instruction manual, Smart Tactics
Premium also includes access to an online

video course that teaches the game's basics.

So, this backgammon set is not only for the
masters but also for beginners.

Its pros are:
- It comes with exquisite quality;

- It is suitable for beginners;
- It is fully tested to USA Toy Safety Standards;

- It has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

However, the cons are,
- The pieces are too small for the set; and

- The storage trays easily lose their place
inside the case.

Nevertheless, if you are a beginner in the
world of backgammon, you need all the help

you can get.

Smart Tactics Premium can provide you that.

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3) The third product on our list is the Get The
Games Out.

Get The Games Out is a classic backgammon
set ideal for both beginners and advanced


It comes with everything you need, so it is
perfect for game nights, parties, and holiday


This backgammon set comes with a beautiful,
quality soft felt interior with smartly stitched

leatherette accents that create a quiet base
when rolling the dice.

It also has a soft surface when moving the
chips during play.

Aside from the board, this set includes the
playing chips, playing dice of each color,

doubling cube, dice shakers, spare chips,
and exclusive and trademarked strategy and

tip guide by Get The Games Out.

You will find all of these inside the briefcase-style
foldable board, where they have their designated

areas so that they will not be all over the
place when you are carrying it around with

its handle.

Get The Games Out backgammon sets come in
three different sizes and four colors, so

you can choose the one that will best suit
your needs and preference.

But regardless of its size, this set is completely
lightweight and easy-to-transport.

Its pros are:
- It is portable and lightweight;

- It comes in different sizes and colors;
- It has spare chips and dice; and

- It includes a book with strategy tips and

However, the cons are,
- The clasps are flimsy; and

- The playing pieces are too small.

Nevertheless, go for Get The Games Out backgammon
set if you have a specific preference in mind.

Allow yourself to choose the size and color
you like to enjoy the games to the extent.

4) The second product on our list is the Middleton
Games 21-Inch Tournament.

The Middleton Games 21-Inch Tournament combines
amazing style and excellent quality in one

backgammon set.

It comes with a black leatherette exterior,
an ultra-plush inlaid velvet playing field,

and white double stitching.

The playing field has a very smooth texture.

You may have a problem starting the game because
you may not want to stop running your palm

against it.

But this smooth texture will also be the one
that will allow you to move your pieces around

with ease and enjoyment.

Meanwhile, the black leatherette exterior
accented with white double stitching gives

the set a sleek curb appeal when it is closed.

This backgammon set includes high-quality
game pieces, 2 leatherette cups, 2 sets of

white and black dice, and a white marbleized
doubling cube.

You can store all of them inside the folded

They will all be kept safe by its nickel latches.

Finally, you can carry it around using its
luggage-style handle.

Take it to the beach or parks or just from
one room to another inside your house.

Its pros are:
- It has a large playing area;

- Its game pieces and dice are of good quality;

- It provides a great value for money.

However, there are no lips on the edge of
the dice cups.

But if you are looking for a large leather
tournament backgammon set, the Middleton Games

21-Inch Tournament is for you.

It is also more affordable compared to other
backgammon sets of this type.

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5) Finally, our top backgammon set is the Silverman
& Co.


Silverman & Co.

Premium takes its pride as being one of the
largest backgammon set in the market.

With this set, there will be no more complaints
of tiny playing areas that make maneuvering

pieces challenging.

It also allows the players to easily see where
all their pieces are at all times thanks to

the board's high contrast and large sizes
of the black and white pieces and triangles.

However, despite its large size, this backgammon
set is still easy to transport.

It comes with an easy-to-carry briefcase design
equipped with oversized clasps that keep the

game pieces from spilling out while you are
on the move.

This set is very durable.

It is made of premium leatherette fabric with
an ultra-smooth, padded playing surface.

It also has felt that keeps the pieces in
place while you are playing.

This set comes with everything you need to
play an exciting game of backgammon.

It has two sets of 15 playing pieces, 4 dice,
a doubling cube, and 2 dice cups.

Like the board itself, these pieces are made
to last.

Its pros are:
- It has large dimensions;

- Its pieces are easy to move;
- It comes with secure latches; and

- It is durable.

However, it is expensive.

If budget is not an issue and you are keen
on having the best, Silverman & Co.

Premium is the best pick.

It is a good investment as it will surely
serve you for many years to come.

That's all for now.

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