The top five Foldable Keyboards

 Hey guys! we're going to look at the

top five Foldable Keyboards available on the

market today. 

So, here are the top five Best Foldable Keyboard

1) The fifth product on our list is the Sungwoo Rollup. The foldable keyboard from Sungwoo is made of a soft silicone material that is odorless, non-toxic, waterproof, and dust-proof. It enables you to fold or roll up the keyboard without damaging it. The Sungwoo keyboard is lightweight and portable, making it convenient to carry around and store. If you have to work on your computer somewhere quiet, you can count on this keyboard to stay silent while you type. This convenient keyboard is easy to operate and is equipped with a 55-inch USB wire. You can connect it to your notebook or laptop devices, and it also supports the OTG function for Android phones. If you spill food or drinks on it accidentally, you can easily clean it with water or disinfect it with alcohol. But to protect the keyboard and extend its service life, do not stretch it, twist it, press it when rolled, place heavy objects on it, or bring it in contact with oil or acetone. Since the keyboard is made of silicone, the skin and circuit board may partially stick together if squeezed for long during transit, affecting the functionality of some keys. So, if you discover that some keys are not working, pick up the keyboard, hold the indicator board vertically and shake the whole keyboard for a moment. This will separate the silicone skin from the circuit board inside the unit and restore its elasticity. Its pros are: - It is made of lightweight and flexible silicone - Its soft material makes for silent typing; and - It is waterproof and dust-proof. However, the cons are, - Its keys are less responsive than some other models; and - It does not work well on all surfaces and should be kept on a hard-flat working surface. Sungwoo Rollup's material makes the device a little more durable without sacrificing its durability. It is suitable for people who want portable and easy roll-up keyboards.

2) Up next in fourth place is the Jelly Comb


This foldable keyboard's wired and wireless

connection makes it unique. Made with aircraft-grade

aluminum, this foldable keyboard is durable

and can resist bumps. It comes with a built-in

touchpad that gives you full control even

without a mouse.

This product's foldable design is quite different

from others because the left and right section

of the keyboard folds towards the middle,

making it compact and portable to travel with.

It also makes it easy for you to operate your

device even while on the go.

This keyboard features a dual-mode connection.

It connects your device either via Bluetooth

or USB cable. When you use the USB cable,

your device automatically goes on the USB

wired mode. But once you remove the USB cable,

the keyboard will automatically switch to

Bluetooth mode. With the Bluetooth technology,

the keyboard is compatible with iOS, Windows,

and Android operating systems. If your desktop

or PC lacks Bluetooth function, you will need

to use a third-party Bluetooth adapter to

connect the keyboard to the device before

you can use it. This keyboard has a built-in

rechargeable battery that gets fully charged

in just about 2 hours with a MicroUSB, lasting

up to 560 hours.

Its pros are:

- It is compatible with both Mac and Windows


- It is easy to set up; and

- It has a very smooth and responsive touchpad.

However, the cons are,

- It does not have a kick-out tilt foot; and

- Its keys sometimes double tap when typing


Nevertheless, the Jelly Comb Pocket keyboard

is perfect for people who want to use a keyboard

while traveling. Its size and design are suitable

for planes or trains that have limited space.

3) The third product on our list is the Samsers.

The Samsers foldable Bluetooth keyboard is

made of elegant and wear-resistant PU leather

with contemporary styling. Weighing only 5.53-ounce,

this pocket-sized keyboard is portable and

lightweight, making it ideal for carrying

everywhere you go. It has an auto on and off

reconnection design for easy use. It connects

to your device via Bluetooth. Once the keyboard

is on, press the connect button on your device

to quickly pair with the keyboard.

This keyboard is compatible with multiple

operating systems. Samsers foldable keyboard

works seamlessly with iOS, Android, and Windows.

Moreover, it maintains a stable connection

and provides a fast response to your devices

within 10 meters of operation. It is also

compatible with various devices. With a free

phone holder that can be adjusted to six different

angles, it is now easy to use your device

anywhere and anytime.

Its unique scissor-switch and quiet-key design

allow you to get your work done silently without

any typing noise. Moreover, its built-in lithium

battery takes about 2 to 3 hours to charge.

After that, it works continuously for 40hours

or 180 days on standby. Hence, one full charge

lasts enough for your short business trip

or vacation. Finally, this product's built-in

sensitive magnetic closure keeps it close

for as long as you want.

Its pros are:

- This keyboard is durable and convenient

- Its PU leather is wear-resistant; and

- It has an excellent touch and clean appearance.


- It produces average typing speeds.

Nevertheless, the Samsers foldable keyboard

is suitable for people who want a quiet and

sound-free keyboard. It can help them work

anywhere they want at any time.

4) The second product on our list is the Goldtouch


The Goldtouch Go!2 foldable mobile keyboard

is fast and responsive, perfect for on-the-go

users. This ergonomic keyboard is customizable.

You can adjust it from 0 to 30 degrees along

the horizontal and vertical planes to give

you the best position for ease of use and

comfort. Sleek, slim, lightweight, and bi-foldable,

Goldtouch Go!2 is designed to provide convenience

for its users anywhere and anytime. The combination

of portability and personalization is what

makes the Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Wireless Keyboard

so essential for business travelers.

Connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth, this

keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac

operating systems. It also supports Windows

8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS 10.4 and above.

Moreover, it suits a wide range of devices,

including tablets, smartphones, Ultrabooks,

and laptops, and has a driver-free installation

for PC and Mac. Once connected to your device,

it maintains connectivity up to a distance

of 30 feet.

This unit's scissor-switch system makes for

fluid, silent keystrokes with tactile feedback.

So, you don't have to worry about hearing

the sound of the keys each time you type.

Since it is designed for convenience, its

slim shape allows it to fit neatly within

even the smallest spaces.

Its pros are:

- The height of the middle section is adjustable

for maximum comfort while typing

- It is lightweight; and

- It is very portable.

However, the cons are,

- Its USB cord is not detachable, which may

cause the USB to weaken over time with travel;


- Its alt key and control key are very close

to each other, making it difficult to hit

the right key.

Still, Goldtouch Go!2 is one of the most comfortable

keyboards on the market. It helps ease the

pain while you are typing for long periods,

so it is suitable for people who suffer from


5) Finally, our top Foldable Keyboard is the

iClever BK08

The iClever BK08 Bluetooth keyboard is for

everyone who loves to travel light without

forgoing a touchpad's convenience. It makes

your job easier with its highly sensitive

touchpad and mouse buttons made from Mette

material. This allows rapid response and makes

it easy to operate.

Featuring a silver aircraft-grade aluminum

backing and balance stand, this foldable keyboard

is compact, lightweight, and versatile. You

can fold it into â…“ of its size to fit perfectly

in your backpack and handbag, making it perfect

to use on planes, in cars, at cafes, at home

or the public library, and in other spaces.

It pairs with your device via Bluetooth, connects

with 3 Bluetooth devices simultaneously with

a stable connection, and switches easily among

the devices with a single tap on the function


Built for long term use, the iClever BK08

Bluetooth has a rechargeable battery that

has a capacity of 60 hours of working time

and 90 days of standby mode. Android, Windows,

and Linux operating systems are compatible

with this Bluetooth keyboard. However, the

touchpad function doesn't support IOS systems.

Its balance stand keeps the keyboard flat

and prevents it from sliding when typing.

Its pros are:

- You can pair it with 3 devices simultaneously

- Its touchpad is sensitive; and

- It is very portable.

However, the cons are,

- It does not have a question mark or apostrophe

key; and

- It does not have backlighting.

The iClever BK08 foldable keyboard is an amazing

wireless keyboard that offers a better tactile

typing experience. It is suitable for writers,

editors, and programmers who want a compact

and on-the-go keyboard.

That's all for now. 

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