5 Servers for You About For Small Businesses

Hey guys!  we are looking at the top five servers for small businesses available on the market today.  So, here are the top five Best Servers for small businesses.


5) The fifth product on our list is the BUFFALOTeraStation 1400D. 

Many small businesses are beginning to appreciate storing their information on the cloud because it offers extensive and convenient storage capacity. This is what BUFFALO TeraStation 1400D can do. BUFFALO TeraStation 1400D is an inexpensive equipment that can store your business' data and files. With a storage capacity of about 4 to 16 Terabytes, this high capacity server comes in a small case with a ready-to-use operating system. Setting up the server may require the help of a technical expert if you are not that tech-savvy. This four-bay storage device has advanced features for small businesses. These features include a robust dual-issue512MB CPU processor from the Marvell Armand brand and DDR3 RAM. 

This intensive data storage is suitable for companies that want to expand their existing storage solution or those who want to start storing their information on the cloud. With an integrated Ethernet connection of10/100/1000Mbps per second, this server provides a high-speed network connection. To increase security, the 1400D has a hot-swap function that automatically switches off the server's hard disk if one of its disks fails so that you don't have to stop work or lose data. Finally, BUFFALO TeraStation 1400D has an intuitive web management software, where you can manage and configure the server. 

Its pros are:

- BUFFALO TeraStation 1400D has restricted network access to protect your data

- It has a fast processing memory; and 

- It has lots of storage space. 

However, technical support is needed to configure the server. BUFFALO TeraStation 1400D is an excellent server for small businesses that are customer-oriented and need to store boundless information. 

4) Up next in fourth place is the Dell PowerEdgeT40. 

Dell PowerEdge T40 is an affordable server designed to be a starting server for small businesses that are just joining the cloud-storage stage. It is designed to have four 3.0 USB ports, a front audio jack, and a Type-C port on the server's front. T40 also has an optical drive section that works with a DVD RW drive. It runs on an entry-level Intel Xeon E single-socket board and an overhead power supply unit, a tower case, and a pair of disk cages. 

With a weight of about 17.6kg and a dimension of 13.18 x 6.95 x 14.15 inches, this server is designed for branch offices of large enterprises or small businesses. One neat feature of this chassis is its swing-outpower supply, which can be detached from the rear of the server's chassis, thereby making more room for access to the motherboard. It is compatible with operating systems like ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS, and windows server 2019 LTSC and 2016. The T40 Server has 8 GB RAM and 1 TB hard drive capacity, which is not that high. However, this server is compact and more efficient than its previous generations. It is suitable for businesses that need a server for exchanging files, storage, a mail server, a min-domain for few users, and a corporate messenger. 

Its pros are:

- It is easy to install; 

- It has a slightly faster memory; and

- It is affordable. 

However, it has a small capacity storage space. But if you want an accessible server, you should consider Dell PowerEdge T40. It is a convenient server suitable for small businesses that are only starting deploying their data on the cloud. 

3) The third product on our list is the HPE ProLiant Gen10. 

HPE ProLiant Gen10 is built to serve small offices and businesses. It ensures that these businesses' needs were met by creating a server with good storage and low power. The dimension of this system is 18 x 14.4x 8.5 inches. Designed with a matte material and an HPElogo on the front panel, this unit is just what your office needs if you still have PCsusing VGA ports. The front part of this system houses a 3.0USB port while the rear of the product houses two 3.0 USB ports and two 2.0 USB ports, and three video outputs. Network connectivity for the HPE ProLiantGen10 is made possible by the pair of 1 gigabyte Ethernet network ports. The server comes with 8GB DIMM RAM. Its memory speed is superb for a device with a low-end quad-core processor that allows 4K video output. 

HPE ProLiant Gen10 uses a SATA III 6.0GB per second storage and a 10TB western digital Red hard-disk drive. It also makes power operation low, thereby keeping the cost down. With the Gen10, you have to use an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup device to remotely manage it. You don't have to be tech-savvy in using this interface, but you can still hire a technical expert if you need one. There is always the process of restoring the-Power Loss setting, which may be too complicated. Doing this, however, will help you set the system to turn on when power returns in case of a power outage. 

Its pros are:

- This server runs on low power; 

- It has a large storage capacity; and

- It has strong security. 

However, it does not come with the iLO 5 management system. HPE ProLiant Gen10 is ideal for businesses looking for a world-class storage performance that works in multiple environments. 

4) The second product on our list is the Hewlett-Packard 835851-S01. 

Built-in a compact and sturdy case, HP 835851-S01is designed for small offices that want to store their data on the cloud and access it anytime. This server weighs 14.53 pounds and measures30.27 x 8.62 x 18.26 inches. It delivers a world-class combination of manageability, performance, reliability, performance, availability, and serviceability. Its Xeon CPU has a fast processing speed of2.1 gigahertz. This device runs on an 8GB RAM and has no specific hard drive size. You can replace the hard drive with any size of your choice, so long as it is a SATA hard drive. 

Connecting your PCs to the server is made easy thanks to its 331i Ethernet adapter. This adapter makes sharing of data and storing data faster within your organization. Then to gain access to the server data, you will have to use the RJ-45 management controller. If you have no technical skills, it's preferable to hire a technical expert to handle the configuration process. 

Its pros are:

- This server has fast Ethernet connectivity; 

- You can replace the hard drive with any size you want; and 

- It uses a 331i Ethernet adapter for more rapid data sharing and storage. 

However, this server is hard to configure. HP 835851-S01 may not be as affordable as the others, but it has all the features that a small business with the intent of expanding will want.

5) Finally, our top server for small businesses is the Synology DiskStation DS918+. 

Synology DiskStation is just what you need for your small offices or businesses. If you want a server with faster read and write speeds, this is the one for you. Though, you may have to invest in an additional RAM module to keep the system running faster. This server is built in a way that you can easily tuck it away without occupying much space. At the front of the Chassis of the Server, there are four drive bays, a 3.0 USB port, a power button, and LED indicators. The DiskStation DS918+ supports up to 64TBof storage with an expansion unit of about 144TB. That's more than enough storage for any small business or organization. It comes with 4GB DDR3L RAM. Installing and configuring the Synology DiskStationDS918+ server is simple for anyone with technical knowledge. 

Once the system has been configured, you can access the server to know how it looks. Its interface is user-friendly and straightforward. You can quickly identify, access, and reconfigure file access. An exciting function of this server is that it is suitable for surveillance. You can easily connect your surveillance camera to the Station app to monitor and save any footage you want to the cloud. The produced footage can also be streamed over Wi-Fi to a nearby smart TV. 

Its pros are:

- It has an excellent transfer speed; 

- It has a large storage capacity;

- It is easy to set up; and 

- It can be used for surveillance. 

However, its 4K streaming is not seamless and consistent. Synology DiskStation DS918+ has a wealth of configuration options, making it perfect for every small business or small office. That's all for now. 

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