Hisense TORNADO 55A73F review

We had recently seen the entry of Hisenseinto market with the launch of their A71 series, which performed extremely well, and now Hisense is launching their new A73 series with some important upgrades, and we're going to check out their 55 inch C which offers even better hardware and software features, support for multiple HDR formats, along with an integrated JBL Speaker system that exceeded my expectations. 

All of this comes at a price point of Ts44,990, so we’re going to take a detailed look at it to see if it is as good as it appears to be. Hey guys, I am Subash, and let’s get started. Inside the box you’re getting everything to get started, the wall mount is included, and you of course get the manual, warranty details, and remote with batteries. 

Even though this new TV has a very similar design to their A71 series when you look at it from the sides, which are decently slim, from the front, the TV looks quite premium as the fabric bar at the bottom adds a lot of character to an otherwise simple design. The Dolby logo on this bar lights up with a nice ring, which also looks nice, and even though this may look like a button that you can press, the power button is actually at the center of the bottom of this TV, which also lets you select different input sources.

Other than that, you have slim bezels on its55 inch display, which are always nice to have, and even though the stand is made of plastic, its matte silver finish does look nice and adds to the overall look of that. On the side we have an optical out port for audio, along with an ethernet port for wired internet, a 3.5mm audio out jack, then we have 2 USB 2.0 ports, and finally, we get to the 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, one of which supports HDMI ARC, followed by an antenna port for cable connection. 

The 4K resolution is a very good match fora screen size of 55 inches, and I find this size to be just the right fit for people with regular-sized rooms who want to get a theatre-like experience without getting something that is too big. You also need a big TV like this to get the full advantage of 4K content without needing to get close to the TV or pay attention to the details. We have a very good display quality on theVA Panel that Hisense has on this TV, the colors look great, and because theTV also features a color-calibrated profile, you get very accurate colors without the oversaturation that you generally have on TVs by default. 

After shifting the color temperature to slightly cooler than the default, I get a perfect viewing experience, and you can of course change other settings like contrast and even the saturation level of individual colors. Hisense claims a contrast ratio of 5000:1on this panel, and the contrast ratio of the TV does look really good, which is not surprising for a VA panel, and the viewing angles on it are also great, and from all practically watchable angles, you shouldn’t see a shift in contrast or colors. 

The backlight uniformity of the panel with pure white color is very good, the black uniformity is even better, but on pure grey backgrounds, you may see some unevenness and very small slightly dark spots in the corners, but while watching video content, this is completely unnoticeable, and it looks really good.

If you get close to the panel, you also see a visible gap between the backlight and the display panel, but this is also completely unnoticeable when you’re not inches away from the panel trying to look at the corners. Hisense has also added MEMC this time, which stands for Motion Enhancement and Motion Compensation, and what it does is that it makes all the content look very smooth. It makes 24 and 30 FPS videos look like they're running at 60fps, and this is something that people like for watching sports content. MEMC works well on this TV because I was watching some movie trailers on it, and it almost looked like they were at 60fps, which confused me, but then I realized that MEMC is turned on on the TV by default. 

I got a lot of questions about MEMC in my previous Hisense video, so it is great that they have added it. I also really tried to see if I could see any artifacts because of the additional frames that are inserted, and 99% of the times you're not going to notice any artifacts because of having MEMC turned on, but I did notice one instance in my channel trailer where quick hand movements didn’t get processed perfectly, this video was at 25 FPS and lacked pixel detail, but overall, and overall, this technology works almost perfectly, and you can also find-tunes thee MEMC settings to select how strong the blur and judder reduction processing is. So people who like the smooth look of 60fpscontent are going to enjoy this feature. 

We have most of the HDR formats supported on the TV, which includes HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision which is great, and HD content does look pretty good on it. This again isn’t an OLED TV and doesn’t have any local dimming on the panel, so you’re not going to get the same experience as the super expensive 2 Lakh Rs. TVs, but Hisense uses customized contrast curves to enhance the HDR experience, and the native contrast ratio of this TV is also very high, so you do get a good result and colors while watching HDR videos. 

They also have a UHD AI upscale to upscale full HD Content, so HD channels on cable TV should also look nice, but I couldn’t test that as I don’t have a cable TV connection. This TV also works well with a PC, and it supports a 4K 60fps signal in RGB mode, so you can use this as a monitor if you want to, especially with the color-calibrated profile, but one extremely amazing feature that I have seen in Hisense TVs is their game mode which offers VERY low latency for gaming. I tested it with a duplicated display with my 4K monitor, and I didn’t feel any input lag on the TV, and if you freeze the frames here, you can see that the TV has a slightly lower input lag than my LG 4K monitor. 

I really can’t overstate how important this is for gamers, so if you want a big display for gaming with a PC, or especially for a Playstation or Xbox, this is going to be an amazing choice. The new PS5 and Xbox Series X support 4K gaming, so this TV is going to pair well with those. Now a big highlight feature of the A73 series is the integration of JBL Tornado Sound. It is a 6 speaker system with 2 dedicated tweeters for handling high-frequency range, along with 4 full-range speakers, and while you can feel that it has down-firing speakers at its bottom, it also has front-firing speakers, and that makes a big difference in the quality of sound you get. 

I am not a person who sees a JBL logo on a product and instantly assumes that the sound is going to be amazing, but on this TV, the sound is great. It’s not just the wattage or volume that delivers the sound quality in a speaker system, but it is the quality of drivers that you have in it, and the 55A73F has good quality drivers for an inbuilt speaker system which provides sound quality that is even better than entry-level soundbars. Even many of the 6-8 thousand rupees soundbars come with only 2 drivers without dedicated tweeters, so you are getting very good hardware here. 

The dialogues sound clear, and it also sounds great while watching movies because you do hear the separation between the dialogues and the music. It sounds like it is coming from bigger speakers, and you also get a good stereo image because of the distance that these speakers are at. These speakers also output surprisingly good levels of bass, even if it’s not going to match a dedicated subwoofer, and it of course gets very loud too. It seems like it changes the sound profile when you increase the volume to very high levels to prevent any distortion of the sound, so at full volume,e you do hear the greater emphasis on mid and high range frequencies, but at unreasonable listening levels, it does sound quite balanced.

Other than that, the TV also has very good control over the sound quality with a good Equalizer, and different sound profiles and the Dolby Atmos should also enhance the quality, even on these inbuilt speakers. Now let’s have a sound test so you can have a listen to what I am talking about. The remotes that come with Hisense TVs are good because unlike the minimalist approach by some other brands here, this remote has many useful buttons so you won't have to get frustrated trying to do everything with 3 or 4 buttons and the bigger size also fits in the hands better. 

Not only do we have dedicated buttons for Netflix and Amazon prime, but we also have them for Hotstar and YouTube, and we also have a dedicated button for switching inputs, which is extremely useful. In addition to the mute button, the remote also has a button to turn off the backlight, which is another very useful addition, because you can turn off the display while listening to music or watching podcasts on YouTube. Sending the TV to a sleep state also requires only a single button press, which is also nice because it will wake up instantly. 

The TV comes with Android TV 9.0 installed, which is always great to have. You have the familiar Android TV interface, which works well, and you have access to all the apps and games in the Google play store, and you can sideload any app from the USB, and there are some additional features in the software that I have not seen on other Android TVs before. You can access Google Assistant by pressing the dedicated button on the remote, and you can use it to do Google assistant things like quick searches on the web, or for finding content on different platforms, and the voice commands are easy to use as the remote has a mic. 

The TV also has Chromecast built-in, so you can cast online content directly from your phone, and it also has a screen mirroring feature, which lets you mirror your phone's screen on the TV. In addition to Netflix, amazon prime, and other streaming apps, You can also play content directly from pen drives with a VLC player, install browsers to browse websites on TV, amongst other things that are typical for smart TVs. We have Dual Band Wi-Fi on the TV, so you can connect it to your 5 Gigahertz WiFi networks, and having Bluetooth 5.0 means that you can use all your Bluetooth speakers, headphones, keyboards, mice, gamepads, Coming to performance, the TV handles itsUI well with its Quad-Core Processor, so you don’t face slowdowns while switching between apps. 

We have 2 GB of RAM on board, which is the higher range in this segment, and it also has 16 GB of internal storage, but there of course takes some of that. The Mali 470MP GPU will also allow you to play 2D games very well, and you can even play some graphics-intensive 3D games at lower settings. The TV really supports every codec that you would play on it, so VP9 4K 60fps HDR video on Youtube will play smoothly, and it also plays H265 HEVC Codec so you won’t need any other external device like a firestick or a TV box for anything. So with all of the features that I mentioned, the Hisense 55 A73F comes at a pretty good price of 44,990, and that is quite reasonable given the extra features and the sound system that we have integrated into this TV. 

But their older models from the A71 series are also on sale, and they offer almost identical performance to this A73 series. The 55A71F comes at around 40,000 Rs. pricepoint, so you are paying additional for the MEMC feature and the special sound system, which I think is worth it, but if you already have a nice soundbar or speakers in your setup, and you don’t care about MEMC, then the A71 series could also be a great option that would save you some money.

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